SEO, PPC keyword discovery


This tool allows you to easily find relevant keywords for your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. Our approach discovers relevant keywords for brand names, taken from the most known domain names and their typos. If you are established business with well-known brand, there's a chance your competition is already bidding on your brand name without your knowledge - the solution is to overbid them, or use the trademark for your domain name in order to stop your direct competitor to overbid you.

Domain typo protection

Well, known brands already know it - the more popular your brand is, the more bad guys is trying to make some money on your brand. We help any growing brand to automatically find the best possible protection of their domain portfolio. By utilizing DNS request statistics across multiple internet providers, we can help you discover your brand typos even before your competition register a similar domain name to your brand. So you can easily pre-register domain names, that are similar to your brand name, are not already registered, and by registering, you will not have any problems with domain arbitrage. This behavior is typical for domain name speculators, who register your brand name before you and try to resell this domain name for an extra fee.

Domain name discovery

If you are starting your own business, there's a chance you want to register the best possible domain name. It must be short, it must be easily to read, and must easily specify purpose of your business. Even it's harder and harder every day, there are still tons of available domain names with sufficient name length, which could be registered by anyone for a registration fee. By using our services, you can easily discover still available domain names, that will cost you under 10USD instead of premium domain name prices for hundreds of dollars.

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